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PHX gamers Public
2016-10-14 22:13:44

Hello , I recently started playing dnd based games and I gotten really into pathfinder I was hoping to find a group to play with and learn the game more and have fun ! Please pm me if you also have room for two people ! Hopefully it in traveling distance for me I would love to start playing with a group!

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2016-10-30 19:16:39

The group I run can definitely accommodate two more people! Let me know if you are still interested.

2016-11-29 09:16:25

i have been looking for players unfortunatly i live in tennessee. if youd be interested in playing via skype let me know. feel free to read my profie to learn about me.

Storytellers Wanted!
2017-04-18 05:08:22

Around what areas are you looking? If this post is even valid. I've been trying to start a small game with a couple friends near metro center mall.

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