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Pathfinder players/GM Wanted
2014-07-14 08:43:20

So me and a few friends have started playing pathfinder but we've found that being GM isn't really any of our strong points. We're starting a new campaign of Rise of the Runelords as myself as GM but we're really looking for someone to take that mantle from me. We're looking to really immerse ourselves in the RPG and have a lot of fun. We are looking to meet weekly in Modbury

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PathFinder GM seeking Players with depth
2016-01-14 03:15:23

Hi there Cpt Cosmos, I realise this a response to a somewhat dated post, but I'm just down the road from you, I run/GM PathFinder and am on the lookout for more Players. People new to the hobby are always welcome. If you're still looking for other games then drop me a line at Hope you're enjoying your new hobby! -N

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