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2008-02-06 01:38:01

Yes, that's right....a changeling the dreaming WoD LARP.

This is is a political player VS player LARP. Our players are very experienced in trusting each other to build a good story and still have a little competition in the game. We have about 30 players currently active and 3 storytellers. Most of us are in or 20s and up. Come to LARP, then network your games - we all game!

Changeling is a game in which you play a mortal in the modern world, but you have a very old faerie soul. So the tone is punk-modern-fantasy with heavy politics. This is good for experienced WoD players or experienced LARPers, even if you have not played Changeling before. We use an RPS system (as used in M.E.T.)

Right now, we play once a month in Columbia on Fridays, but are considering switching to Sundays. Please contact Toothlesshag if you live on the I-95 corridor or around it and are interested in playing with us! If you don't want to make a character, we can supply you with one!

Now: A nocker COUNT?? When Count Edwynn ap Eiluned was murdered, "Section 8" Cavvenaugh's unlikely rude, commoner biker gang rose to power. How are they getting away with running the county - in the most unseelie way possible - breaking all the social rules? Where is Love and Honor in the County of Flags? Who will control the territories in the DC area? Will anyone brave put a stop to their regime of terror?Or will you help the unseelie monsters rule the night?


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