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By Fire Be Purged
2009-10-24 18:44:39

Hello everyone!

Now that I'm finally settled into life out here in Lincoln, I'm looking to start up a gaming group. I'm interested in running either D&D 3.5 or Dark Heresy on weekends or mid-week nights.

I have a homebrew D&D 3.5 setting I've been working on for almost five years that I would run a campaign in. It's high magic and planar, so there are many options for characters.

I have a brief rundown of two Inquisitors whom the acolytes would work under for a Dark Heresy campaign, one a Xenos hunter and the other a Daemon hunter.

If you're interested in either or both, post here and I'll give out more information.

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My profile lists some of my gaming, your invited!
2010-01-27 04:09:17

My son's friends in Lincoln are 3.5 fans and are looking for a group. Were talking kids, however.

By Fire Be Purged
2010-02-08 03:33:12

I don't mind working with kids. How young are they?

— We do what we must because we are the Holy Orders of the Inquisition.
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