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2017-07-31 23:41:27

Hello, I'm a long-time tabletop RPG gamer who is currently seeking out others looking to get together once a week in the Cleveland Heights, Ohio area and run some game; Myself, I have played Rifts (from Palladium Publishing) for nearly 30 years now, and the good news is I can easily provide most if not all of the physical materials a new gamer might need, like books and whatnot to familiarize yourself with the system and the setting; So you don't have to buy anything for a game you might not play again; I have an already-running game campaign with 2 other players, and we are seeking more to join us. For those familiar with the Palladium Games system and settings, it would begin in the 3-Galaxies setting, allowing characters from any of the Palladium Games Systems' settings; For those unfamiliar with the Palladium Games system and settings, the 3-Galaxies is a high-level, space exploration, science fiction and mystical adventure setting; Believe me when I say that almost any kind of character archetype you might want to play CAN BE CREATED in this system; Furthermore, I can promise you that no matter what your idea for a character is, I WILL HELP YOU MAKE IT TO YOUR SATISFACTION What I'm trying to say is that I have enough experience running this system that you'll never hear me tell you "I'm sorry but I just don't know how to do that" Our group meets at the building where I live, called The Alcazar Hotel; It is no longer a hotel, but the first floor still has several halls and rooms that are free to be used by the residents for gatherings. Believe me when I say we've got the room. If you are interested, and/or want to know more, please contact me; My email is, and my phone number is 216-882-7139 I Hope to hear from you soon!

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