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2012-10-19 19:12:06

I am looking to start a NWOD London Group. Check out the details below.

Name: PrometheanVigil

City/Region: London, UK

Location: Anywhere within the London area (incl. Central, West, East, South, North). For clarity, anywhere along the Tube and DLR lines is best as well as along the Thames River.

Frequency and availability for games: Weekly (potentially more frequently as my schedule permits)

Contact Me: PM, E-mail at dexjackson505(at)(dot)com and at! and and .

Age-range: Players MUST be 18+ (safety and security reasons). Players 18-30yrs preferred, though older players are welcome (older players MUST be prepared to play with younger players and vice versa)

My games: All official templates in the New World of Darkness series. I have a passing interest in the OWOD and Scion series. When running games, I always strive to accommodate all gaming tastes, from mystery and investigation to action and adventure, intrigue and even crafting/construction.

Spec: I am looking to start a new New World of Darkness group that can meet in the London area and can, optimally, play weekly or more. I am looking to host a max of 8-10 players in a game with a min of 2-3 players (both caps excl. GM). My group will play any and all official NWOD templates currently available, including future games (Mummy, Demon etc...), with preference given to the group's most popular template choices.

I am willing and interested in joining other groups which play WOD games, with preference to NWOD.

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