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2014-06-05 02:32:03

Are you looking for adventure? Wanting to drive an ax into an ogre's skull? Incinerate a mob of zombies with a sphere of fire? Looking for just enough role playing to generate a good story without spending an entire session buying a sword from the local merchant?

We're looking for players to join a new Pathfinder campaign. A campaign where the world and story is serious but the play is relaxed and humor most welcomed. The campaign will begin sometime in July. The first session will be creating the campaign setting as a group.

The planned frequency is every other week. Occurring either on a Saturday or Sunday, starting late morning and ending around 5 or 6 - all dependent on people's schedule.


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2014-06-07 17:54:47

Sounds right up my alley. I just sent you a PM with my contact info.

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