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2011-11-24 17:45:22

Our group is currently in the planning stages of a bi-monthly (ish) startup campaign for D&D3.5, hopefully to be up and running after the holiday season - this currently is going to be essentially the Shackled City AP but that may change dependant on player experience, etc - it's not a lock-in or a deal breaker in other words. :-D

Anyway we are looking for a couple of extraplayers who would fit into our group - male and female and ranging from mid 20s to mid 50s in age. I've been playing since 1978 whilst others only started in the last year or so, thus we can and will accommodate most levels ofexperience.

Our games are pretty relaxed, sociable and fun; not much here for power-gamers or munchkins :-) I guess we'd say about 50/50 roleplay/combat and we don't do am-dram narrative angst stuff.

Currently we also play on Thursday evenings - a mixture of games but RP wise usually Cthulhu, D&D 3.5, AD&D 2.5 or Pathfinder (currently we are playing D&D3.5 in an episodic game centred around the Paizo Falcon's Hollow area). This gets mixed up with other board and wargames from time to time.

Anyway if anyone is in the area and interested, give me a shout and see if we can work something out.



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