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Life is too short for just D20 ;-)
2010-02-26 22:01:56

Please tell about the settings you or your group have imported into a game of Savage Worlds. I'll define "imported" as a background being drawn from an existing RPG or entertainment franchise. If there have been any challenges unique to the setting that had to be overcome, like statting a 'Zat Gun', handling damage for 'the Weasel' from "Hardwired", or fine-tuning the missile launcher rules from "Darkest of Days" please feel free to share. I'll start with one of my groups, the Corvis Monkey Troop. We have imported the settings for Iron Kingdoms, Call of Cthulhu, Fringeworthy (an RPG similar to, but pre-dating the Stargate franchise by about 11-15 years), and the Fallout Universe. There, hopefully I've started the ball rolling.

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Homebrew Setting, Generic System? Big Plus.
2011-03-30 07:02:04

I recently made a dungeon keeper style campaign kit for savage worlds. Took me all of one night there are still surely balance issues, along with a few text issues, but any that I can run a thought experiment on I will fix.

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