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2016-08-05 01:21:29

I ran across a bar/pub in Avondale Estates called "My Parents' Basement." It has a comic book shop inside and is very "Nerd-Friendly." Talking to the bartender, he says they welcome gaming groups to meet there, just give them a heads-up on when, so they can make sure we have a table.

Anybody interested in playing Traveller there?


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2016-08-05 14:33:48

Sounds like a good idea to me!

There is a Game event this Saturday (12p-6p) at Joystick, and I'm planning on attending that. Sunday I'm open, and I'm free almost every Thursday evening, and usually pretty free on the weekends as well.

I have Travelled.
2016-08-22 17:52:18

I need to check into here more often!

Thursdays don't work for me, usually. I have a prior commitment on Thursday evenings.

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