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Group : NOrth Manchester Pathfinder Society (NOMPS)


NOrth Manchester Pathfinder Society (NOMPS) Public
Looking to add to a small group.
2014-08-10 14:16:16


As per the group description, we are looking to build up a viable group for Pathfinder adventure paths, starting with Rise of the Runelords, and seeing where it goes from there.

If this sounds of interest, drop a line on here, or contact me directly.

Oh, and you don't have to be from North long as you can get to Middleton for the sessions, I don't mind where you are :)

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2014-09-12 23:05:56

Are yous till looking for players? i'd be interested in joining.

2015-08-18 16:50:58

Hi there

Sorry to hi-jack this thread, but I'm going round in circles here., I'm trying to post a thread about looking for playtesters. Can you please explain to me how to start a thread on this forum?

Thanks Leo

— Seventy characters. Hm, that's plenty. Plenty of characters with whic
2015-08-18 16:51:02

Double post.

— Seventy characters. Hm, that's plenty. Plenty of characters with whic
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