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2017-01-20 19:22:16

Good day to you adventurers. I seek to gather member for D&D campaigns. I'm rather new to the game and don't know anyone to play with so I'm reaching out to find players. I can host games at my apartment in Nelsonville or we can gather at one of the public libraries in Athens county. I would rather not DM, myself. Let me know if you're interested so we can begin discussing a good date to start a campaign.

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2017-09-19 22:11:54

Hey! Man, it's a shame this site is so rarely used any more.

I *need* to roll some dice. I'd be down to host, probably, but I'm up in Lancaster. If we do that, I'd probably want to set up a roll20 or somesuch for 3 weeks out of the month, meet in person only once a month--to help us all on gas.

I'm currently into Pathfinder, because it's cheap as free and tons of materials--but I really want to get into 5e.

Are you all alone down there, or have you found a couple players, or...?

I am currently alone--but would have at least one more, probably two more, if I get something started as DM. It would probably be a homebrew setting (four place options, two time periods, depending on the tastes of the group) with fairly familiar fantasy themes and such.


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