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D&D, Star Wars, Post-Apoc, & others GM & Player
2011-04-16 15:41:49

I just wanted to stop in and say Hi to all the gamers out there and to ask who is and what is everyone playing? I just got here in Tampa about 6 months ago and have been trying to find some new friends. (Gamers, beach & camping go-ers, and weekend friendly drinkers) if you are looking for some friends post here and maybe we as a group of gamers could hang out and play, drink, or just hang out.

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2011-04-16 18:54:00

I recently moved to Zephyrhills from South Florida in order to be with my fiancee. She's the outdoorsy one--I'm learning, but I'm still pretty much a useless camper/geo-cacher. Both of us enjoy a friendly drink, but alas, she is not a gamer (not yet anyway). I certainly want gaming friends I can present to her (just like my good friends in SF).

Right now I have been reduced to playing Magic Online, a fine game, but I miss tabletop role playing.

I'll be heading down in SF the next couple of weeks, but the weekend of May 5th, I'll be back. If you want to meet then, drop me a line at


D&D, Star Wars, Post-Apoc, & others GM & Player
2011-05-01 23:37:40

Cool Bro, I'll shot you an e-mail on the 4th. I should have this weekend off. I live over in the valrico area. hope to hang out later...

2011-05-02 01:07:47


Things changed. I forgot the 5th was the weekend of Mother's Day, so I'll be in SF for that. But I'll be back the following weekend (and most weekends after that). Shoot me an email anyway, if you like. Let's talk games.

D&D, Star Wars, Post-Apoc, & others GM & Player
2011-05-03 01:35:13

Understandable bro. what kind of game you like. my self I like; Eberron, Star Wars & Darwin's World (Post-Apocalyptic) [Pen & Paper] All Borad games and almost all video games Also like muchcans and magic cards (haven't played in forever)

2011-05-03 04:29:34

Nas, I hope you don't mind a long answer. My favorite games are tabletop rpgs. If I play a tabletop game, I want to do some actual role playing, otherwise, I might as well play a computer game like Diablo II (which I love, but it's not really role playing). As a player, I am happy with any kind of role playing, from the silly to the serious. As a GM, I love gritty tragedies with a bit of weirdness. My favorite rpgs are D&D 4th Edition, Over the Edge, Unknown Armies, Vampire, Mage, GURPS, Amber, and Delta Green. I like Star Wars and what I have read of Eberron. And since I love gritty tragedies, a post-apocalyptic game like Darwin's World sounds great to me. Please tell me it's a game where a tire iron is a great piece of treasure, where characters fight over the squirrel they killed for dinner. And are there zombies?

I like most board and card games myself. I like Magic, Settlers of Cataan, and Bridge in particular. I played Munchkin once or twice, and liked it.

I like video games that don't punish my poor hand-eye coordination too much.

Have you played Fallout 3? That game hits so many of my buttons.

Unfortunately, right now, my computer is serviceable but weak, and I do not own a video game console.

2011-05-07 16:43:26

Hey guys. Thought I'd jump in on the discussion here. Phil, sorry I haven't responded quicker, but thanks for giving me the heads up on this discussion.

Nas, as I've told Phil, I'm in Dade City and looking for some gaming in the area. I am willing to drive to Tampa for a game. I expect that my wife and I will be moving closer to Tampa once our lease is up in July.

Anyway, my favorite games are old WoD (mostly Vampire, but I've played a little Mage and Werewolf) and Star Wars. I've only had very limited experience with 4th ed D&D and I really did not like it. I love 3.5 though.

I also enjoy Magic, and board games. Anyway, I'd be interested in getting something started if we can.

D&D, Star Wars, Post-Apoc, & others GM & Player
2011-05-07 20:04:48

Sweet, this is looking good. Starting to get some people. ok I have tons of book on my hard drive of star wars, Ebberron and Darwin's World. Oh and Darwin's World is just like Fallout in many ways. I only have worked with 3.5 style because... I just like it better. Never really worked with 4.0 (but i think my starwars books are 4.0) I have not played Star Wars or Rifts in a long time, and anything other than those I have not played (like Over the Edge, Unknown Armies, Vampire, Mage, GURPS, Amber, and Delta Green). I did want to play a post-apocalyptic slash cyber -punk style game but i couldn't sell it to my buddies. I have over 3000 magic cards from 5 years ago. i played for a year then just randomly now and then. I have lots of mini's and use warhammer 40k vehicles as props in games like rifts and Darwin's World. I have a big house to game and I'm also able to go up there to hang out.

Phil, If you need your computer fixed or upgraded i can help. just build 3 computers for some guys at work and My rig is in the making. Still waiting on my cooling system and GPU.

We could, if Phil gets back in time, hang out next Friday or weekend. we don't have to game just get to know each other and see what we would like to play. Oh, bring a flash drive so i can give you all the books i have on Darwin's and more. I do go to church on Sundays so wouldn't be available until after 1230.

if you guys know of any of your friends tell them to get on this site so we can

2011-05-08 01:40:51


I will be back by Friday. I can get together either Friday or Saturday, though Sunday I'll be in Orlando.

I am going to send you messages with my phone number.

2011-05-13 02:24:31


Did you get my message with my phone number? You can also email me at

2011-05-17 18:26:47

Are you guys still interested in playing?

D&D, Star Wars, Post-Apoc, & others GM & Player
2011-05-17 22:17:17

Yes I am. I hurt my back and have been on drugs these past week and into the weekend. However, I'm sorry i did not give you a call but with me going to the hospital and work i did not get around to calling and really forgot. as of right now i have nothing for this weekend. what are your plans? But i have church on Sundays but Friday and Saturday is open. Let me know.

Oh and I sent you& Oth my Cell

2011-05-17 22:48:22

That sounds awful! I'm available either night.

2011-05-20 16:12:41

I'll be at Armada Games Saturday at 2 p.m. to meet a couple of other gamers. I hope you guys can make it. Here is a link to Armada's website:

2011-05-27 05:12:21

I would love to join a D&D group. I'm in Wesley Chapel..just moved here from Va. I've played 3.5 and would love to play 4E also. Kinda a novice player but really wanting to join in. My email is if anyone would like to contact me.

2011-05-27 20:47:15

I'll email you.

2011-06-14 06:20:30

Phill's 4e game - Wesley Chapel - alt Friday 6pm to ? - LFP

The Game: I'm running a new 4e game in a homebrew world that's based on the Scales of War campaign from Dungeon Magazine, with some changes. I'll be using 99% of the rules as written, except that I'm somewhat nerfing "Raise Dead" and similar effects, and I won't allow some Dark Sun stuff (but I'm fine with anything from Eberron and Forgotten Realms). I'm not a killer DM by any means, but I do believe that easily coming back to life cheapens heroics.

The Setting: The characters will be based in Aurora, a city at the center of the Elsir Vale. Aurora used to be a trading hub, not just of the part of the world it's in but of the planes. The knowledge of traversing the planes was lost long ago, and thus Aurora declined. But now it has been rediscovered, at least on a rudimentary level. Aurora, in other words, is experiencing a renaissance.

The Characters:The characters are troubleshooters for the Aurora City Council. They are young, talented, expendable, and deniable. They do the dirty work, and most of the time, they don't get the glory. Start at 1st level. Create your character as you like, with two exceptions. Clear any Dark Sun material with me first. Some of it just doesn't fit. Second, your character must be group-oriented. No psycho loners.

The Players: Right now we have two committed players and two more who have shown interest. I'd like a table of 4-6 players, so there's room for 2-4 more.

The Time and Place: 30050 Sheron Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545

We will meet every two weeks on Fridays, starting June 24th, from 6pm until around 10pm, give or take. The first meeting will be to create characters and possibly get started with an introductory scenario. You may certainly come with a character ready, but even if you do, feel free to make changes based upon what the other players are doing.

You may post here if you like. You may also contact me at if you like.


2011-07-04 16:21:19

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been in touch. I've had a lot of things going on. Anyway, definitely ready for a good game. Is there still room in the game? Let me know. I'd like to jump in as soon as possible.


2011-07-04 21:36:02


We are playing Friday nights. You can get in touch with me at or just call me (I sent you my number some time back).

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