OMNIS LUDUS moves to Prtland, OR

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Omnis Ludus Public
Is there anybody out there?
2011-06-05 07:32:50


OMNIS LUDUS has moved to Portland, OR, and we are once again on the prowl for players.

Check us out to get a taste of what we are about.

One thing I would like to do is revisit some of the classic D&D adventures in something other than D&D. I have an inexplicable soft spot for the Hollow World setting, and I am considering running some of those adventures in something FATE based.

We will also be trying Apocalypse World very soon.

I also believe that any time is a good time for Dogs in the Vineyard. Poison'd too, for that matter.

That said, this group doesn't exist in a vacuum. What do you want to play? Let's talk!

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