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2014-10-20 21:24:10

We are looking for one or two more 3.5 Edition PnP D&D Players and Pathfinder players in the Baltimore Area (East Side). We meet every Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm and run two alternating campaigns one is a 1st level Pathfinder campaign and the other is a 12 level 3.5 edition D&D campaign. Our games are tempered with a lot of humor and there is an emphasis on role-playing and player enjoyment (Rule Lawyers are not a good match). Our ages range from 25 to 48 and professions from retail to engineering but anyone is welcome. (We recently lost two players due to scheduling changes and we are looking to replace them). Both new and experience players are welcome. Couples are welcome as well. If you are interested and want to learn more please email at Thank you for your interest. If you enjoy role-playing and you enjoy a good laugh while gaming, we are the group for you!

— Rules Lawyers not allowed.

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