4ed D&D in Indy area- 2 players looking!

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Two D&D 4ed players here!
2009-03-15 20:25:12

Hey all, I've just picked up a players's manual for 4ed D&D and am looking for a group in the Indianapolis area. My roommate also wants to play. I'm new to this place so I don't exactly know how to go about letting you know how to contact me, but I suppose if you're interested in two players joining up let me know!

Thanks! Dane

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Organizer of the Chicago Board Games Meetup
2009-03-16 02:17:59

Hi Dane,

Best bet is to connect up with the Indianapolis Meetup:

Tell them Nate from the Chicago Board Games Meetup sent you. :)

Two D&D 4ed players here!
2009-03-24 21:11:14

FYI my email address is

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