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Couple looking for a tabletop game.
2010-07-28 18:04:46

Hello all,

My husband and I are looking for a table top game around the Austin area. He has played D&D for 3 years and I have 10 years of roleplaying experience which includes D&D, Vampire LARP, WoD, nWoD, Cyper Punk, GURPS, and many others. We are looking for a mature group of players that would like to get into a weekly game of any kind (my husband is a fast learner for the systems he does not yet know). Please feel free to send me a message here or to email me at .

Thank you all and hope to game with you soon!

— -Sarindre

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2010-10-18 22:32:59

Hello! My girlfriend and I have *also* recently moved (back) to Texas from CA (San Jose, to be specific) and are looking to get some good people to join us at the gaming table! It you're still looking, drop me a line and we'll do coffee!

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