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2010-12-06 16:44:36

Sorry, for being a bit spammy in a quiet forum, but I was hoping that group members would be interested in our gamer fundraiser.

We're holding a party, raffle and Rock Band 3 competition on December 15 at Lincoln Hall. Proceeds are going to Child's Play (, a charity that gives toys, games and books to kids stuck in hospitals. But we're really short on ticket sales, so we need to get the word out to as many people as possible.

The details of the event are here: It's $30 to get in, which includes 2 drink tickets. You can also sign up a band for the competition, which will be judged by nerdy Chicagoland band I Fight Dragons ( We think the whole thing will be a great time--we just need to fill the place! So please, come if you can, donate if you feel lead, and spread the word!

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