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NearbyGamers Meta
2010-09-15 11:53:55

I've attempted to contact quite a few local people here and at my previous location. A couple of yesrs ago I got some responses from messages. None at all now. Could lapsed people be taken off the map or shaded in grey or something?

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RPGing since '84, and still loving it!
2010-09-16 04:24:19

I've had some of the same results, so to let others know that I'm still active here, I put a "Last Updated:" on my profile and my group's profile :)

It'd be nice if it was automatic, but we make due with what we have :)

— Leva, Älska, Spel! / Live, Love, Game! / Degero, Amor, Venatus!
2010-09-16 09:10:03

nice idea-glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

Be Unique ... like everyone else.
2011-01-23 01:29:46

I'm wondering if people even remember that they have accounts on this site.

— Be Unique ... like everyone else.
The gamer that runs this site
2011-01-27 02:13:29
Official Hat

I think the best course of action would be to detect when email to someone is bouncing and then leave a note on their profile. This is right after the map improvements on my todo list.

I'm a little reluctant to add a "hadn't visited in X months" kind of warning because every day someone who hasn't logged in for a year gets a message and comes back to the site. There isn't yet a strong reason for people to return to NG regularly, so a lot of people create an account and then wait for messages.

Traveller, Indies, OneShots, Beer&Pretzels
2011-09-06 01:30:45

Maybe a reminder email (as on some mailing lists) would be the way to go. How about only sending it only if that account has be idle for a month? But that could still be too often.

I get a yearly email from a PGP key server to confirm that the email addresses in my public keys still work.

Maybe a yearly email with these options would suffice: "click here to continue", "click here to remove" and "if you ignore this email, your account will be marked as inactive, and after 3 more years it will be removed".

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