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A Canadian geek studying chemistry
2010-01-06 03:36:20

Hello all. I just moved to Montreal (well, Point Claire) and I'm looking to get to know people. I'm interested in a number of games, though most indie rpgs are not my thing, and I had a very bad experience with White Wolf in high school (though might be willing to give it another try, fa friend has been getting me interested in Hunter: the Vigil). I'm looking to meet people, whether for a game or just to hangout and make new friends.

If you are running a game: As a player I tend to be goal focused, preferring roleplaying & combat with an objective to either character development (which I prefer as a response to the main adventure rather then a end in itself) or dungeoncrawling or meantgrinder combats (though I do enjoy a good tactical fight, just not as the sole point of the game). I try to make my characters carry their own weight but I don't optimize my characters. For example under 3.5 I never had more then 1 class and 1 PrC on any of my characters.

And I am willing to DM as well, though I don't have all my book on mee: As a DM I try and focus on everyone having fun over the rules of the game or strict genre conventions, leading to things such as my Two-Fisted Cthuhlu game.

— Stay Geeky --Canageek

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2nd Edition AD&D
2012-12-10 19:19:07

Hi Can Geek, I am looking for players for a 2nd Edition AD&D game.....and I think you are what we are looking for. I give my players a mystery to solve and a story. There is comabt, but to meet an end. We are average of 40ish and games will be held in Vaidreuil-Dorion at a great place we have to play. We have our own version of the players handbook with houserules and even play by candlelight to enhance the mood :-) Hames would be every 2nd Saturday night from 6PM-Midnight. Car pool is available from West Island (I live in DDO) if needed. If you would like more information please contact me at Please use your handle so I know who you are. Thanks Darren

— Axe High Friend, I Go!
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