san diego dnd or swse august 2009

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2009-07-06 03:47:46

i live in san diego. i'd like to start up a d&d4e campaign [or a star wars saga edition campaign] this august, 2009 i'm open to playing online as i have been doing that for years with my friends.. i'm also open to gaming 100% in person, as i have not done this in years and it's really fun.

i am a 23 year old male, been playing forever, looking for people of all ages.

it's hard to know how people play until you actually start, but some traits of players that really ruin games include people that get distracted easily, talk over other players, are munchkins, power gamers, etc.

people that mesh well with my games are role players.

please post here or email me at -

i'm looking to get 3 or 4 players. please let me know if youd rather do a d&d or swse game, as I love them both and am open to either.

also, i am always totally down to PLAY instead of DM and if you are in the san diego area and looking for a player, please hit me up. i'm up to learn new games but know dnd4e and swse both incredibly well. love em.

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