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2010-12-18 19:56:48

Would it be possible to have a larger Group Map? Currently, the map displayed for a group (240x240) is smaller than the map on the front page (396x336) of the site...!!


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2011-01-03 16:47:44

It's in the works. Google has updated the Maps API (how the NG website talks to their servers) so I have to take some time to update that code, but I'd definitely like to put expandable maps on many pages.

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2011-01-20 17:00:37
Official Hat

I've updated the maps code to use v3 of the Google Maps API, laying the groundwork for bigger maps. This was a big change and there's the chance that I broke something, so please keep your eyes open for any map bugs.

Hopefully I can add resizing in the next few days, now that I've made this update.

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2011-01-21 18:43:42

Hey Harkins,

seems that the map no longer updates the people & Group flags when you zoom in or out whatever's there is there and nothing else.

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2011-01-22 00:33:02

Thanks for letting me know, this is fixed now. The API update renamed nearly everything, including the event that I hook to know when the map moves.

Please let me know if you see any other issues.

2011-01-22 18:47:29

Awesome - I can't wait to get the bigger group maps now that the new API is used!! Thank you for your hard work on this!!


2011-05-15 01:56:37

Any ETA on this?


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2011-09-06 01:18:23

Bigger maps would be a great plus. Screens are getting bigger and on a 1920x1024 display the map looks realy tiny.

2011-12-26 14:32:03

This suggestion was posted a year ago - any plans on implementing it?

Thanks!! RiTz21

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