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the gentleman who gets into fights
2010-04-14 05:16:00

greetings to everyone!! just here to introduce a new site entitled "the london underground" : it opened only recently and is a site i personally developed. looking for people to play there or maybe to give me some advices on how to make it better. no need to sugar-coat anything, just tell me honestly :3

THE LONDON UNDERGROUND a world of magic beneath the city

we go about our lives without realizing their presence. or try not to realize it. we think of them as no more than street-rats and alley-cats. we shun them away with disgust afraid to be infected with their disease. to us, they are inferior and insignificant, a bunch the world would be better off without. we say this without knowing how wrong we are. how very wrong we are. for they are not as vulnerable as we may make of them. no. they have something that we can only barely grasp to understand.

about 26o (145o-175o c.e.) years had passed since the witch hunts in europe had ended. it was what r.h. robbins called "the shocking nightmare, the foulest crime and deepest shame of western civilization," that ensured the european abandonment of the belief in magic. but even if it seems like people no longer believe in it, doesnt mean that it is no more. we do not know it, but magic still exists. it is when magic was no longer welcome that they began to hide it. and to think that they hid themselves in plain sight.

here you shall be propelled into a world you never dreamed existed--a dark subculture flourishing in abandoned subway stations and sewer tunnels below the city--a world far stranger and more dangerous than the one you have ever known. and once you enter their world, you can never come back. it is a world that hides from the dangers above, but whose dangers within may seem far greater than any that may befall them if discovered. for the cost to keep magic alive is a high price to pay. hold on to dear life and get lost in the london underground.

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