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2009-08-22 01:26:53

I'm looking to start a unified Old World of Darkness game, using the revised edition games; Masquerade, Apocalypse, & Ascension primarily, with options on the other games if they can be worked in without disrupting the setting. some game elements would be worked in from the new systems, where those changes would clean up sticky points in the old WoD workings, but the core system and setting would be revised editions.

the world i have in mind would be near past noir, with a plot and character driven story lines. combat would be light and somewhat infrequent. the metaphysical setting would be a based on mage with strong influences from werewolf. the tone would be middle fantasy noir, based in a stylized, semi-urban Chicago. There's enough business districts and parks to keep both glass walkers and dream speakers happy. later themes would involve light umbra travel, possibly deep umbra late in the epic.

I'm happy to GM, or surrender that to a more experienced Storyteller, if someone wishes to. i have long work hours, so weekend evenings would be best for me, but I'm willing to be flexible on locations and times. i have at least one other possible player offline. unfortunately, i can not host the sessions at my residence.

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