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2008-10-08 18:17:11

I'm currently running a D&D 4th edition game. Our group has decided that we need to add another player or two. We are a group of four guys and one girl, ages range from 26-37. We play in a clean, well kept house with plenty of space.

We are currently 4th level, and that's where we'll start new players. At present I'm allowing only races and classes from the PHB. I would prefer to have you make a new character, though if you have an existing 4th level character you would like to use, I'd be happy to consider it.

Our group likes a mix of combat, puzzles, exploration, role-playing, etc. We do use minis for the battles, and we have plenty if you don't have one for your character.

Our group meets every Saturday, usually playing from 7pm until midnight, though our start and end times can vary some weeks. We are also considering switching to every other week, though this is far from set in stone.

If you think you might be interested, please contact me through this website and we'll discuss a meet up.


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My profile lists some of my gaming, your invited!
2008-10-23 16:20:10

Hi Ryan,

If your still looking you might try one of the two RPGA groups in town. GZO_LFR and the OmahaCavaliers. They both have yahoo groups setup.

Note: they are both having a 'weekend in the realms' event where they will run an exclusive 3 part adventure from Wizards.

The Game Shoppe and Ground Zero forums seem to have some activity too, might try there.

Ground Zero's is at

And the Game Shoppes is at

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