Looking for Savage Worlds group.

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Homebrew Setting, Generic System? Big Plus.
2011-03-28 01:55:50

Looking for a group to play Savage Worlds with. just bought/played at Gamestorm, most interested in post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and steam-punk settings, but also enjoy sci fi and fantasy settings, esp. modern fantasy.

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2011-03-31 05:08:04


I justed started to run a Savage Worlds fantasy game on Sundays that runs for about 4-5 hours. if your interested we have room for one more.

Homebrew Setting, Generic System? Big Plus.
2011-03-31 08:23:05

Right now my family doesn't have gas money to get there. If you have any off the wall solutions, now's the time to tell me about them. (Ugh. No money, no job, no education-- no luck)

On that note.... If anyone in the Vancouver/Camas area is interested in a game in the camas public library, I'd be glad to host. It's within walking distance, so I know I could get there.

Worse yet, I am having to move to Kalama in a month- sure there's an RPG shop in that area, but no one there is using this website, so finding a group is hard as hell.

— NWN is DnD on solitary confinement.
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