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2013-09-28 21:46:48


Due to attrition in my gaming group caused by people having jobs and the wholly obscene and blasphemous practice that is being forced to work on the weekend, I am in need of a few good gamers.

This is a three act campaign set in the City of Neverwinter within the Forgotten Realms setting

Themes include intrigue, mystery, humor, love, betrayal, sacrifice, insanity, chaos, all mixed in with bits of extreme violence and brain-melting horror culminating into what could very likely wind up being an apocalyptic event that spells doom for all of existence.

Good times.

Influences include: Game of Thrones, The Borgias, DaVinci's Demons, H.P. Lovecraft, (especially anything to do with tentacles and the end of the world). Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones and games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Rules and setting are 3.5


meaning Mystra didn't get assassinated and the whole world didn't blow up.

Looking to keep the group between 3 and 4 or so. We've got two players already, just looking to achieve some kind of party balance that doesn't rely on NPC's or players playing multiple characters.

Live right off the red line near Quincy Center.

Games are set for every other Sunday. Doors open between 12 and 2. Doors close between 5 and 7 depending.

Schedule is flexible as needed.

Good role-playing, clever tactics, and acts of lunatic bravery (whether they are successful or not), are well received and well-rewarded.

If you're game, shoot me an e-mail:

Hope to hear from those who are up to the challenge or who aren't are going to try anyways because it sounds like a fun way to get mauled to death.

Cheers, Deacon

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