Gamers needed in K-W, Cmbridge, Guelph

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BRP/Chaosium junkie
2009-10-07 18:24:47

I'm looking to start/join an RPG group in southern ontario and I need victims, er, um players. Ideally I'd like to play or run anything using Chaosium's BRP platform (Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Elric etc) but can play just about anything. Is there anybody out there? Sincerely Threshold

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A Canadian geek studying chemistry
2010-03-31 13:27:40

Man, I wish this was a bit closer, sadly Hamilton is about my travel limit as I don't drive.

— Stay Geeky --Canageek
RPGing since '84, and still loving it!
2010-04-02 00:14:23

Same here... :(

You wouldn't be interested in coming out to Mississauga would you?

— Leva, Älska, Spel! / Live, Love, Game! / Degero, Amor, Venatus!
Call of Cthulhu
2010-04-03 12:11:54

If you want to play Call of Cthulhu, come play online! We've got a group going that has relatively flexible hours, and we use Skype and OpenRPG. Trust me, it works well and is very convenient. Let me know. Thanks!

2013-04-21 06:27:53

we have a group going in kitchener and you are certainly invited to come down, i can definitely drive down to your game too and hit up a session to see how the drive is. -Davie

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