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2008-08-23 19:33:42

Hey all.

I know that most folks here are looking for live games but I thought I would give this a shot:

Interested in Burning Empires? Well you can join in our "Gem in the Darkness" campaign. It is a PbP game involving a number of the IndieRPG Toronto people. I am running it from home as I have a newborn daughter and am housebound.

The "Gem" is a waterworld named Zaffiro, a world divided up between several competing empires. It has the feel of 1920's Shanghai.

If you are interested, there is a local political fixer who is looking for someone to play him on a regular basis:

If you want to kibbitz, I have two characters written up whom you can grab. * *

Or if you are interested, you can check out our list of neat NPCs and write up one yourself!

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