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Wushu Missionary
2007-08-23 18:37:53

After I got fed up with being the only person from Austria on NearbyGamers, I added a link to it to the tabs of my tiny gaming forum and urged my friends to make an account here.

(Some even did, so now there are THREE austrians on NG. ^_^ )

Still, it's a bit annoying that whenever people follow the link, the google map shows the east coast of the US. So I've been wondering, is there any way to modify the link so that it takes users to an overview of Austria instead? Maybe using Tags?


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The gamer that runs this site
2007-08-23 20:36:09

By default, NearbyGamers does try to give you a local map view. Every computer on the web has an IP address a bit similar to a phone number. I have a database that maps IP addresses to latitude and longitude, so if you haven't logged in and put a marker in the map it looks up your address and centers the map there. It's the nature of the beast that the mapping is fairly inaccurate -- a friend of mine in Arizona's address is mapped to Georgia (about 1,800 miles/2800 km) away.

What Lord Minx saw, though, getting the wrong hemisphere, seemed a bit large of an error for me. So I poked around a little and saw a bug in the way the front page is set up. Because the front page is loaded so often parts of it are cached so they load quicker. The map, though, shouldn't be one of them or you'll see a map roughly centered on wherever a previous visitor happened to live. I've fixed this.

Wushu Missionary
2007-08-23 20:37:40

Cool, thanks again. ^_^


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