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Looking to get my Game on
2015-03-04 23:02:37

Starting off this lonely group of one that hopefully will soon flourish is well..myself. This will be the topic for introduction of new members.

Right now I'm a full time salaried employee of a manufacturing plant looking to get a little more creative and possibly back into a fun Deadlands D&D or Star Wars game.

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2015-08-05 13:32:41

Hi, I joined the group to meet other people who might be interested in playing board games in Greencastle occasionally. I am employed at a school in Greencastle, and have time on Friday nights and the weekends to play games occasionally, and wanted to meet others who might want to do the same. I haven't played D and D or Star Wars, but would be interested in learning. I currently own and play Dominion and Ascension.

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