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D&D 4th edition - Looking for 2 more players
2009-05-28 10:26:27

Hi guys,

I'm starting a D&D 4th edition group and currently have 3 players interested, ideally we would love 2 more players to join before we start our adventures.

Details about our group are as follows

- I'm be DMing and at this stage will be running the official adventure modules. - We will most likely be meeting in the Hornsby / Sydney North area. - A couple of our players are new to D&D but keen to learn the rules. - Another one of our players is an experienced player but hasn't played for a while nor played 4th edition. - Aiming to play once a week probably 2-3 hour sessions. - We welcome any new players keen to learn. - Currently player age ranges from mid 20's to mid 30's so we are looking for players 18+ or so.

Feel free to mail me at if your interested or would like further information.

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Avid gamer, involved with north shore gaming club
2009-05-29 02:06:04

I sent you an email. Good to see someone else flying the gaming flag on the North Shore!

D&D 4th edition - Looking for 2 more players
2009-05-29 04:27:12

Hi Fizban, thanks for responding!

D&D 4th edition - Looking for 2 more players
2009-06-02 09:52:33

Thanks for the responses guys, we are now full with 6 players.

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