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Looking to GM/play!
2015-09-17 18:48:14

Hi there everybody/anybody around!

I am new in town and looking to get together a regular gaming group. I have broad-ranging interests when it comes to different games, and am ultimately hoping to find a group that will alternate between two different campaigns so that I can run, play, and try out different games. I currently have a couple of players on board for a Dragon Age tabletop RPG game and am looking for a few more people to join.

Any interest out there?

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That's a horrible idea. What time?
2016-06-28 02:21:53

Hi harlomespears!

Found your post here and see that it's had some time pass on it. Still, I'm quite interested in forming a group that meets somewhat regularly for some tabletop RPG fun and nerdish fellowship. I have another person I found on craigslist also interested in this same thing and if you are also interested we might have the core of a group here! If you are interested please contact me via any of the methods listed in my signature, and let me know what it's about right away as I get lots of calls from lots of different directions in my business.

Sincerely, Stan Wilcox, aka friendlypickle 503/277-8038 cell/text

P.S - Anyone reading this is also welcome to contact me regarding gaming.

— GM or player, looking for players or group, experienced, LET'S PLAY!
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