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2011-12-16 02:52:02

Starting Saturday Jan 7th TnT is running weekly Lair Assualt sessions at 2PM. While we are focusing on Season Two: The Talon of Umberlee we are also willing to do replays of Season One as well some other high level modules The objective of this Lair Assault is to find and retrieve the Talon of Umberlee, which is hidden inside one of four treasure chests locked inside the pirate haven of Murdershoal, just off the coast of Port Llast. Much like Forge of the Dawn Titan you are not required nor expected to kill all the monsters to achieve victory. No matter how many times I reminded players of that during play there were always a few that insisted on trying to kill everything. None of those players managed to achieve victory. So assemble a group of tacticians, rules experts, min/maxers, and power gamers ready to take on the hardcore challenge of D&D Lair Assault. Bring extra character sheets and plenty of D&D Fortune Cards—you’ll need 'em!

Please visit our event page for more info:!/events/334556139904258/

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