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Got dice; Will roll.
2014-06-11 13:57:53

Been gaming a while... maybe 15 years or so. Recently moved to Leeds (I say recently, a few years now), and still not found a game in Leeds.

Looking for a game to join or a couple more players to start a new game (I have one resident player).

Any experience level okay - complete beginners to dyed in the wool sword slingers/pirate monkeys/cyber cthulu cultists.

Relatively open and flexible about the exact rule-set or setting.

Happy to be a player or a GM.

— Round down; It's a dark world

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Got dice; Will roll.
2015-02-25 21:39:15

I'm currently GMing a short taster game in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition)

At the moment there are a bunch of games running in the Leeds area from the Meetup group here:

So if you're looking for games in Leeds UK - that's a good place to look!

— Round down; It's a dark world
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