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3 peeps looking for Group for tabletop rpg
2018-03-06 00:51:12

New to OKC old hat at the pencil and paper scene. 3 Players looking for a preferably mature group to join to shake off a little rust and have a good time following a great story! Are you a strategic mind? A great storyteller? If you love flavor and description in your games, we are looking for your group! We play many games and have experience with at least one edition of nearly every Tabletop RPG. At the moment games we specifically seek are Shadowrun, DnD, World of Darkness, Star Wars maybe even Call of Cthulu?

We are 38, 38, and 31. We would even be willing to host if you like the cut of our jib, so to speak and toss out an ancient term :P We are not rule mongers but like some structure to the content and rules. We are Roleplayers first and dice rollers second. We got our starts in the DnD 1st Ed and DnD 2nd Ed on release. Again saying how ancient we are. Happy go lucky and chill games are best over a barbeque and even better when no one loses the focus in endless ooc. That being said Lets get to know some more nerds! I mean um Gamers. We surely aren't ner... Oh who am I kidding Oklahoma City (Moore Area) 149th and Western Ave

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