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Space 1889 epic campaign needs more players!
2012-12-10 13:47:26

I am looking for players in the London area for an epic Space 1889 campaign. I have 2 on board already and am looking for a couple more. The campaign will feature a large number of adventures varying in themes between exploration, mystery, war, horror, crime, espionage and intrigue, tied together with a series of plots and a story arcs. It’s all about action and discovery in the age of interplanetary colonialism. Think The Man Who Would Be King and Indiana Jones coupled with John Carter and Pellucidar, spiced with splashes of Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu and Skyrealms of Jorune. Lost civilisations, ancient unspeakable powers, fabulous sciences that never were, exotic landscapes, cunning villains and the chance to significantly develop your PCs over the course of a substantial campaign. Will they become heroes of the Great Powers? Villainous tyrants of the solar system? Rich with wealth and renown or dead in some far corner of a foreign planet where their corpse shall never be found?

I’m living in Canning Town but happy to travel elsewhere in London if it makes things easier for other people. Looking to start in January 2013. Old or new gamers welcome. Please drop me a line if you're interested.

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2013-01-22 11:15:53

What you describe sounds fantastic! Although, admittedly I'm am not that familiar with Pellucidar (or even The Man Who Would Be King-- haven't seen it in ages). Jorune is up there with one of my top favourite RPG settings.

When are you getting started-- and how often are you planning on playing?

— Jon
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