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2017-12-20 17:37:53

Hi All, I am starting a new DnD group in San Bernardino/ Highland area. I have GMed for large groups of 12-16 with massive background dialog for full town and region adventures and side adventures for ongoing players. My group was disbanded when my University group graduated so I am now looking so start up a new group from scratch of 5-6 players. I will guarantee that you will be writhing in your chairs wanting to know what will happen next. Full dive into towns filled with background play, underground deals, treachery, black market, death matches and political turmoil that will leave you wanting to become assassins for hire. Pick your own quests to do as a group and side quest to do individually to benefit your character or for your own gain. You can buy or build your own town and see how much trouble being a Lorde of the land really can be. Start your own underground network of thieves, black market and traders guilds, or you can become a merchant, a respected politician (in the public view). I allow gamers to add in real life techniques to up their skills and damage bonuses. If you want to be a specialist character you can work on the prerequisites to become one. I do a lot of research to give you the best experience possible.

I look forward to our adventures together,


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