Looking for D6 Star Wars Players in LA

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2009-05-12 23:58:35

I am interested in finding about two players to add to a D6 Star Wars Campaign. This is a new campaign and I am looking for some good roleplayers. The game is about a mercernery unit based off of Tatooine. I will start it as a mini campaign and continue it if goes well. As with most games I am looking to make sure I have reliable players who can make most sessions. Obviously, I want to make sure that we get along and this is why I am starting it as a mini campaign over the next three months. If all goes well then I will continue the campaign. I have been running games for over 15 years and my players tend to come back to my games again and again.

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2013-12-06 04:27:36

I enjoy Star Wars D6. Is this still going on?

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