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2010-10-27 17:29:26

The eye drew back from the chamber and they could see shortly thereafter that it was one of two in an enormous face, the face of a colossus of milky-white ice.

The cold in the room suddenly dropped, and became intense beyond imagination; as they saw the full face before them in the enormous chamber beyond their small antchamber - and, they noted with growing horror, still more chambers like theirs, still MORE chambers of black ice with victims frozen into their walls - that the intense cold emanated from the gigantic being in the chamber, the being which was now AWAKE and hungry for lives to consume. Lives like theirs.... ARE YOU UP TO IT!

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| is a website by gamers for gamers. Join one of our many active forum games, a chat game, or just hang around and share your experiences!

The internet is a great medium to play Dungeons & Dragons with players from around the world! So far we have members from the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and even more!

Share your opinions and experiences with other people like you, find out about the greatest prestige classes, and have fun! Join us in the Lucky Golem, our very own chat room. Work off your agression in the Circle of Death, where your gladiator dies, only to find himself back in the same ruthless arena.

We are happy to help you out, should you be unsure about something. Our DM's are willing to help you with any problem you might encounter during your character creation process, or during the game itself. Come in and find out if you are really up to it!


Not enough people within range for a game? Too little time available for a regularly scheduled group? Still have the desire to enjoy the game?! Not confident on your Social or Gaming skills!? - For those without the ability to designate time or space or other resources to the Table-Top experience, Play-by-Post Forum Gaming can feed the need for gaming!

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