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Gamer addict looking for a Game
2016-02-03 00:47:13

Just moved out to the back end of nowhere, otherwise known as Eatonton, GA. Looking for a gaming group to join. Not really caring what game, though anything other then White Wolf and I'll have to learn the system; but I'm just dying to get into a game.

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2016-02-06 03:17:54

Also looking for game. Available almost anytime for 5E or Pathfinder.

2016-03-01 02:07:10

I'm new to Albany, GA .. also looking for a game .. I'd prefer SFB, but a nice rpg would do fine too.

2016-03-01 03:51:01

I'm roughly an hour and a half away from you in Thomaston. Seems everything happening is right there an hour or more away from me

We're all MAD here!
2017-01-16 18:35:49

Hey FattusMaxumus, I have the same problem. I live near Butler, about an hour south of you. Like you, I had to go an hour to get any where. Are you still looking for a group? I can't promise anything, but at least we can commiserate :-)

We're all MAD here!
2017-01-16 18:38:39

I'm looking to play test a rules light game system. Anybody in the Middle-Georgia area interested?

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