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Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-02-19 19:00:53

Feeling the need for some Traveller (flavor negotiable). Anyone else in the Detroit area feel the same?

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Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-02-20 22:46:43

By flavor do you mean rules set, campaign framework, setting location or specific milieu? There are major differences between a Classic mercenary game set in the Solomani Rim during the First Interstellar War and a GURPS free trader game set in the Julian Protectorate during the Rebellion.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-03-06 20:12:12

"By flavor do [I] mean...?" All of the above, though my preference is for Rebellion-era free trader and not T20.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-04-02 18:30:15

Okay, I have a potential player (not on this board). One more and it'll be viable; three more and I'll be well-pleased.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-03 04:01:51

I'm still interested, although transportation is an issue for me.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-04-08 15:57:18

Okay, I'm encouraging the two other people who have expressed interest in a game of Traveller to register on NearbyGamers and let their voices be heard. We'll see whether they show up.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-04-08 20:23:56

Do you have a particular domain or sector in mind, for this Rebellion Era free trader game? What sort of tone do you prefer... will this be a grim Hard Times game or a slightly more upbeat one? I only ask one thing, setting-wise, and that is to please ignore the entire Virus metaplot. It was lame beyond belief.

2009-04-09 02:56:59

Hello Traveller people.

I am posting here at the request of Metalfatigue re the possibility of joining a Traveller campaign. I've DMed more than I've played, as my former gaming group had a shortage of people who were qualified to DM a sci-fi RPG. (The last such qualified person moved out of the area ages ago.) I am interested in joining as a player for a change.

I have the following Traveller material, which should be considered Spoilered (ie, I know the contents): Classic T: Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest; Research Station Gamma; Twilights Peak; Leviathan; Books 1 thru 5, 7, and 9; and Voulme 1 Best of the Journal of TAS. Megatraveller: Players Guide;Referees Guide; Imp Encyclopedia; Knightfall; Hard Times. I've DMed DI and RSG.

I'm currently living in Taylor.

2009-04-09 03:47:03


So, I've probably seen Metal Fatigue once or twice at my workplace, and saw a request for traveller players left by him there. I've never played traveller. I know some versions of it -as in, I've browsed the books-, namely the Mongoose and Gurps versions.

I am neutral to flavor, but considering I tend to buy and own the books of the game I play (and I am trying to impress people and show off with an increasing RPG book collections :p), I find it more convenient to get an edition that's either still in print, or with books that I can easily find on ebay.

As long as we stay within walking range of WSU, transportation isn't an issue.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-04-09 03:51:37

@drew4096 Hey Drew. Thanks for registering.

@raconteurx If I had my pick I'd take Lishun Sector and start in 1117, just as the Lishun Fleet is being pulled back by Lucan. I also have the Hinterworlds supplement that was published in Challenge, which I've never used; that might be interesting in 1117 or 1118. I've got other ideas too, and I'm open to suggestions. And you can be sure that I'll ignore the f***ing Virus.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-04-09 03:56:44

@Railgun Thanks for registering. A quick eBay search on "megatraveller" shows many copies of the core books (Players' Manual, Referee's Manual, Imperial Encyclopedia).

2009-06-02 02:56:27


Any update?

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-06-06 02:32:05

Seems as though we have several people who want to play, but most have transportation issues. I'm not on campus, raconteurx is up in Macomb's a mess.

Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-06-09 01:48:09

Okay, this may happen in Oak Park. Not sure how many players there'll be room for—members of my just-terminated Mage: the Ascension campaign (11.5 years from tentative beginning to prophesied conclusion!) have first call. I'll update this thread as events warrant.

Fifty-something Method Actor / Storyteller
2009-06-19 15:50:04

I'm in a play-by-post Traveller game at the moment, so feel free to give drew4096 and Railgun first crack at any open spots.

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