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2017-09-08 04:53:46

Our group lost a couple of players to life circumstances and we are looking for 1-2 new players to fill out the party.

Who we are: 3 professionals in our 40s and 1 student in his 20s 2 of us are married & have children, 2 are single/no children (all men) 3 of us are potential GMs, I suppose I'm the primary GM we've mainly been play D&D-type games and Call of Cthulhu-type games, and the occasional boardgame, of late although we're not locked into any one game/system we're currently in the middle of a long running Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign (see my signature) but have taken breaks to play other games we're all pretty big nerds although we also have substantial outside interests we meet every other Tuesday evening - that could maybe be moved to Wednesday evening but there's not a lot of wiggle room because of family schedules and whatnot we currently meet at a bar (3 of us are casual drinkers, 1 of us does not drink) in Normal Heights but we're not tied to that location - it's just where we ended up after the one player that hosted the game had to drop out

Who we are looking for: a reasonably socially well-adjusted gamer age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality not important would be willing to jump into the Kingmaker campaign! currently the players have two melee types and a cleric, could really use a druid or full arcane caster - and I just want to reiterate that we won't be playing Pathfinder all the time, but it will be the bulk of our gametime until the campaign is finished

Send me a message from my profile here if interested!

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