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2014-02-01 08:33:21


My name is Greg.

I am going to be starting a Pathfinder game in the northern Fort Worth area. I just moved here and want to find other gamers interested in meeting once a week to have some fun.

I would like to put together a group of 4-5 players, starting around March of this year (2014). If you are reading this and its been a while after I posted this thread, feel free to still contact me as you never know if there is a spot open. contact info will be down below.

What I am looking for: I am in the upper end of my thirties so I am looking for mature gamers. I don't mean you have to be overly serious all the time, we all like to laugh and do fun stuff and carry on once and a while. What I want really are players that will build the story along side me and not just wait for me to put the next map down and set up the monsters for them to kill. I like players that enjoy doing things behind the scenes in email. Players that like to work with the party for good or ill to make the game fun for everyone there. I really love a good plot. A DM cant have that unless players really develop their own stories and interactions with the rest of the characters in the party. Most of all though, I really just want people having a good time and getting a really good night of gaming in at the end of the week. (Its the best stress reliever)

What I would like to do is run a game weekly on Friday nights. I have a family so I like to have the weekends open to spend with them. And I feel like Friday is the least draining on family plans for myself and other people in the group (Assuming they might have families as well). So I am thinking a game that starts around 6:00 - 6:30, we get some food and settle in for some gaming until people decide its time to stop. I am open though to other times if I find a good bunch and they want to meet on the weekends. As well, there are always times that one day wont work and if we play on Fridays that means that once and a while a Sat or Sun game might work if Friday does not. So as for time that is what I was thinking.

As for content, I plan to run a straight up Pathfinder game in Golarion. I really don't use a lot of house rules, I find the best way to avoid problems is to have consistency. So it should be pretty much out of the Pathfinder books and not a lot of outside material. I really love the setting and I want to stick with it!

I make good use of flip mats, gaming maps, tiles, 3d terrain and miniatures. I really like to set up immersive scenes and scenarios. I prol spend way too much time and money on this but hey, if you didn't like that sort of thing you would not be here reading this right? I have a nice sized table with plenty of space for people, so it should be a lot of fun.

So if any of this sounds like its for you, then send me an email. The email I am posting below is the best way to get in touch with me.

Email Address:

Hope to hear from a good bunch of players so we can get this rolling.


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2016-02-18 01:39:38

Hey Greg, I'm seeing this is an old post, but I'm wondering if you still have this going? And if you're willing to take on newbies?

2016-03-27 20:34:24

Ditto. What he ^ said.

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