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Old-school and new-school D&D
2009-08-25 16:16:46

I'm looking to get a group together for a mini-campaign of 6-10 sessions, exploring an ancient Egyptian-themed tomb. We'd use the Swords & Wizardry rules, an easily-available (and easy-to-learn) "retro-clone" of the original 1974 D&D game. The campaign will be particularly well-suited to folks who like a mix of quickly resolved and deadly combat with creative problem-solving, those who want to revisit old experiences with TSR D&D or see what this whole old-school thing is about, and fans of pulp adventure from Northwest Smith to Indiana Jones.

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whenever someone farts, a demon gets it's wings.
2010-01-10 00:44:49

am interested. where are you located?

Old-school and new-school D&D
2010-05-04 12:56:53

Sorry, hadn't checked in a while! I'm in Manhattan, NYC. New York Red Box has up-to-date information.

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