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2009-08-22 07:53:59

Greetings, Im looking to get into DnD v4 and to do so I need a group.

Im presently staying in Sydney's CBD so if anyone wants to join up to form a group to play in the evenings or weekends (weekly or bi-weekly) or already has one that I could join then I would like to play.

Give me a PM or email me at vivatdrakko-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk and we can arrange something. Also I dont mind taking a train to someplace if you want to meet up at Paramatta or something.

Cheers my fellow geeks. =)


PS: Check Twitter 'Ollie_Miles' to talk to me too. ;)

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2009-08-25 01:41:31

Got one player who has shown intrest, same experience as me. Still looking for at least 2 more. =)

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