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2009-09-16 18:20:50


I'm looking for gamers interested in the Cortex System (published by Margaret Weis Productions), specifically the "Supernatural RPG" they just put out under that system. I'm in Bayonne, and would like to meet either in my home, or at a local establishent called the Board Game King.

Anyway, I've been a GM and Gamer since Early High School. Having fully embrassed my inner Geek, I'm still gaming in my 40s and would like to put a local (or semi local) Gaming group together.

Looking for role Players more interested in characters and story than in mechanics and breaking the game.

You can reach me here, or at

Hope to hear form some of you soon...


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2009-10-11 19:47:30


I am in Middelsex County and looking for a replacement player for the RPG Traveller. I have never played Cortex but can teach Traveller if you re interested? We meet once a month and the next meeting will be 1 Nov :D

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