New Exalted game starting in Seattle

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2011-08-06 07:09:44

Well, it's hard to find a new gaming group when you've just moved. So I'm going to start one. :)

Who: Me, Peter Frauenglass, a 22 year old web developer still pretty new to Seattle. What: Hoping to run a new Exalted chronicle and looking for players. When: Weekly, day and time to be determined based on everyone's schedules. Where: U-District/Greenlake/somewhere close. Unfortunately, I don't have room to host the game at my house - if none of the others players do either, we might consider asking a FLGS if we could use their space. Why: Because the Exalted setting is entirely awesome, even if the rules are occasionally a mess.

Experience is not required - I'll be happy to help people learn. While Exalted can be rules-heavy, I try to encourage a very fast and loose style of play, where action and goal driven stories are the order of the day. I'm still waffling between Solar and DB games - details to be determined with player input.

Anyone interested?

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Interest +1

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