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2016-06-09 22:19:03

Hello all. My name is Pat and I've recently moved back into the hampton roads area and hoped to find any groups that could use an experienced Roleplayer. I've had experience with several systems including DnD 3.5, 4th ed, Pathfinder, WoD (both new and old) I am also familiar with several tabletop games, though I play 40k mostly.

Feel free to hit me up if your group is interested.

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Mostly into nWoD; will try any RPG
2016-08-07 18:40:38

I am looking for a group to play in the area as well. I personally prefer nWoD but I'll try any game if there is an open spot at the table.

2016-11-29 09:21:28

hello pat my name is thomas, pleasure to meet you. i am also an experienced gamer and have been looking for players. i had to adapt and start playing games over skype. if your interested in getting in a game, check out my profile and hit me up.

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