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2014-06-29 01:18:14

Ministry of Game has been going strong for nearly five years now, and we continue to offer a variety of roleplaying games for people on Sydney's North Shore.

Term 3 starts on Tuesday, 15 July. This term, we have spaces in the following games:

Board game group (various board games): 6 players total, 3 free spaces

Heavy Gear (Heavy Gear): 6 players total, 3 free spaces

Judge Dredd (GW Judge Dredd) 6 players total, 3 free spaces

BattleTech – A time of war (BattleTech/Mechwarrior) 6 players total, 2 free spaces

Star Wars – Seeds of Rebellion (StarWars d6 system) 6 players total, 2 free space

Coming of Age (4E Dungeons and Dragons) 6 players total, 1 free spaces

If you would like to join us on a Tuesday night, then come along and check us out! Or email me at! Outside of school term time, we run one-shot RPGs and play board games, and it's a great time for visitors to come and scope out how we work.

See you there!

— Ministry of Game - <insert witty motto here>

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